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1.            Purpose


To ensure correct player placement in the teams.


2.            Scope


Players are positioned according to skill, size, age and request.


3.            Responsibilities


The Executive Committee & Registrar.


4.            Procedure

4.1.        Placement

4.1.1.    Place each player in the team they played with the previous year, unless they have requested a change.

4.1.2.    New players are to be offered placement in any team they have requested if a vacancy exists.

4.1.3.    Players are to be positioned in true age divisions were possible. Players can play outside their division with club and/or League permission.

4.1.4.    Were possible the existing Coach will be offered the same team as the previous season.

4.2.        Team Names


Tigers             Eagles            Lions              Hawks

Cougars         Condors         Leopards       Wedge Tail Eagles

Panthers        Falcons          Vultures         Osprey

Bobcats          Kites               Harriers         Snow Leopards

Bald Eagle

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