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1.            Purpose


To detail the requirements for the preparation of safe work method statements which form the basis of good safe practice and outline the steps involved in completing the task.


2.            Scope


All tasks requiring a safe work method statement by legislation or where a task is considered to be of a risk to player, officials, spectators or the public.


3.            Definitions


SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT - A document, which details how a particular task or operation is to be performed in a manner without risk to health and safety.

4.            Responsibilities


Managers are responsible for submitting a work method statement prior to commencing the task on the affected area, training their coaches and ensuring that the work method statement is implemented.


The Manager is responsible for:


  1. Ensuring the safe work method statement is received and training is carried out prior to the task starting.

  2. Reviewing the safe work method statement to ensure that it clearly defines how the task is to be carried out in a safe manner and to recommend changes to the work method statement (if applicable)

  3. Approving / accepting the safe work method statement


In the Seasiders Operational Manual are proformas for safe work method statements.  These may be used as a guide to check SWMS submitted by a Manager to aid in the preparation of SWMS.

6.            Records


Safe Work Method Statement Register                                 Form  19.1
Safe Work Method Statement                                                Form  19.2




Prior to carrying out any new task where the risk has been identified as High or Moderate, the Manager shall list all tasks, as all require a Method Statement.



5.4       Review and acceptance of subcontractor’s’ work method statement by RCC


The Manager, Coach or Club OHS Coordinator shall review all Safe Work Method Statement for suitability.  The safe work method statement shall be signed and dated by the person performing the review.

Should the person performing the review identify omissions, ambiguities or general deficiencies in the method statement, they shall advise the Manager of such findings and request the Manager submit another method statement.  The same person that performed the original review should review revised Safe Work Method Statement.


Once the person performing the review is satisfied that the method statement is adequate they shall enter details of the Safe Work Method Statement on the Safe Work Method Statement Register (form 19.1).

A copy of the Safe Work Method Statement Register together with the Safe Work Method Statement shall be kept by the club and maintained by the Coach.

The Coach or Safety Officer shall periodically check the tasks being performed by the teams to ensure it complies with their safe work method statement.  If not implemented.


5.5       Proformas / Library of Safe Work Method Statements



The form 19.2 “Safe Work Method Statement” may be used.  The form has been adapted from the guidelines produced by WorkCover.



Safe Work Method Statements required for a task



Safe Work Method Statement form




5.            Procedure


5.1       Documented Safe Work Methods


Accidents occur when people depart from the correct procedure either because they do not understand why a task must be performed in a certain way or because they do the task so infrequently that they forget the correct procedure.


Documented Safe Work Methods describe the correct way to do the job and the way the club wants its volunteers to do the task.


When documented a work method:


allows the Coach to monitor the training and games for the team creates a consistent approach reduces risks improves understanding


The Coach is responsible for:


Ensuring that safe work practices are implemented. Task practices are monitored against the safe work method statement

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