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1.            Purpose


            To allow timely registration of players prior the start of the season.



2.         Scope


            All committee members.



3          Responsibilities


The Club Registrar will receive all Registration Forms along with the relevant payment.


The Registrar will arrange with the Treasurer to bank all monies collected.


The Registrar shall produce a list of financial members (players) to the President as soon as possible after the registration days.


The Registrar will enter all relevant data into the Baseball database.


The Uniform Co-Ordinator will fit all players at registration.


The President will meet all registering players as they register.




4          Procedure


4.2  Registration


All players wishing to play must register on or prior to the start of the season. Late registrations will be accepted at the discretion of the committee.


No player will be placed into a team till all monies owed are paid and have completed their Code of Conduct form.


4.2  Uniforms


All uniforms are to be issued at the discretion of the Uniform Co-Ordinator. All uniforms are to be returned via the team manager at the conclusion of the season.


All new players to the club will be issued a club cap.  Returning players or others needing a new cap will be required to purchase one.



5.            Records


The Registrar will ensure a registration form, monies, player’s code of conduct and a parent’s code of conduct form is received and duly signed. All information will be entered into the club database (MY CLUB).


All coaching staff including managers are to ensure that they have signed and returned their Child Protection forms to the Child Protection Officer.


All Committee Members are to sign the child protection form and return it to the Child Protection Officer.



Form 14.1         Registration Form

Form 14.2         Welcome to Manly Seasiders Booklet

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