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1.         Purpose


To register a new debtor.


2.         Scope


This procedure applies to all debtors.


3.         Responsibilities


The Treasurer shall have overall supervision of the debtors’ registration


4.         Procedure


The registration of debtors is based on a ‘code’ for the debtor entity.  This code will generally be 6 characters in length, comprising the first three characters of the debtor company name.


These details generally include the following:


Debtor Code:


Enter a code as described above.




Enter the full name of the entity


Address Line 1(2, 3, 4 Postcode):


Enter street address details – Upper and lower case, with Suburb, state and postcode together in upper case (3 spaces between each) as the last address line, e.g.  NORTH SYDNEY   NSW   2060


Telephone Number:


Enter the phone number (including Std area code if not ‘02’).  Do not use brackets.




Enter the fax number (including Std area code if not ‘02’).  Do not use brackets.


Contact Name:


Enter a contact name for the person managing payments.

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