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1      Purpose


To ensure that all club purchases are controlled according to club policy.


2      Scope


This procedure applies to all purchases of goods and equipment.  All purchases will fall into one of the following three categories:-

Equipment for use on grounds.

Equipment for the use of the teams or Administration.

Capital purchases.


3      Responsibilities


The following officers are authorised to purchase goods where the costs are approved by the committee.  Where a purchase cost has not been approved the matter is to be referred to the Treasurer, and if unresolved, the President


4      Procedure


Orders must be approved by the committee or the President for all club purchases of equipment, goods and services.


4.1      Limits of Authority


The following limits of authority shall apply to values of orders raised by various Officers.  No other person has authority to order goods and/or services on behalf of the club:-


Staff Position

Limit of Authority



No limit

With Committee approval

Deputy President

No limit

With Committee Approval


Administration requirements


No Limits

With Committee Approval

Equipment Coordinator



$ 200

With Committee Approval

Without Committee Approval

Grounds Stewart

$ 500


$   50

With Committee Approval

Without Committee Approval

Canteen Coordinator

$ 500

Without Committee Approval



4.2      Raising Orders


The following information is essential and must be included on all orders:-


  • Date

  • To supplier name/address

  • Delivery address

  • Date required

  • Item description(s)

  • Quantity/rate/amount.

  • Signature

  • Approved by Signature

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