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Manly Seasiders Baseball Club Inc.

Player Code of Conduct 2014

• Play for the “fun of it” and not just to please parents and coaches.

• Abide by the Rules and respect the decision of the Official, making all appeals through the

formal process and respecting the final decision.

• Be a good sport. Cheer all players whether they are on your team or the other team.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow players, coaches, officials and spectators

• Refrain from conduct which could be regarded as harassment towards fellow players and


• Do not be aggressive. If you see acts of aggression, do not retaliate. Report such acts and

do not take the Rules into your own hands.

• Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow players and competitors.

• Care for and respect the equipment provided to you as part of your program.

• Be frank and honest with your coach concerning illness and injury and your ability to train

fully within the program requirements.

• At all times avoid intimate relationships with your coach.

• Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.

• Maintain high personal behavioral standards at all times.

• Be honest in your attitude and preparation to training. Work equally hard for yourself and

your team.

• Co-operate with coaches and staff in the development of programs to adequately prepare

you for competition at the highest level.



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