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Working With  Children Check


This information is for anyone who wishes to volunteer in ANY capacity at the Seasiders this season.  To avoid any issues the Seasdiers recommends that any adult in any volunteering capacity at the club complete a WWC Check online. 


This includes coaches, assistant coaches, managers, scorers or really anyone who has contact with the teams either on game day or training.


The WWC Check doesn't take much time to complete.  Please go to the following WWC Check Website to complete you check.


Once you have received the formal response, please send through the following details through to 

  • Your full legal name

  • Your WWC number and expiry date

  • Your date of birth


WWC Checks need to be completed prior to the formal start of the season, so if you haven't done so already could you provide all the details asap. 


The Club is also required to complete random checks throughout the 2018/19 season, so please help us out by providing the information before the season starts to avoid any issues.


If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the Seasiders' Committee.


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