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1.            Purpose


This procedure details the minimum requirements to be implemented in respect of first aid within the club.


2.            Scope


Persons likely to be injured will have access to first aid treatment.


In general, a holder of a current first aid certificate is required to be on duty where a large number of players then is usual for Saturday rounds are expected.


3.            Responsibilities


The Equipment Co-Ordinator will:


  • Ensure that adequate numbers of first aid kits are provided.


The Team Coach will:


  • Ensure that the location of the first aid kit is known at all times.


The Team Manager will;


  • Ensure that all first aid kits are kept fully stocked in accordance with statutory requirements;


  • record all first aid treatments in the First Aid Treatment Register


(Note:  the recording of this information is essential irrespective of how minor the treatment provided.  An Incident/Accident Report shall be completed in accordance with Procedure Accident Reporting and Investigation - Injuries where further medical treatment is required).


4.            Procedure


4.1.        First Aid Benefits


In the event of an accident or minor injury, a person must be able to summon or seek first aid attention and if necessary medical attention, by the safest and quickest possible means.


The benefits of first-aid are to:


     •           save lives

     •           prevent pain and suffering

     •           reduce the severity of injury and illness

     •           reduce the critical time between injury and treatment

     •           contribute to a safe playing environment

     •           reduce the amount of lost time through injury and illness

     •           reduce injury and illness cost



4.2.        First Aid Kits

Comply with the Australian Baseball, NSW Baseball and Junior Competition Committee standards




4.3.        First Aid Personnel


That the Team Coach or Manger must be appointed to be in charge of the kit, and shall be the holder of a current approved first-aid certificate.






4.4.        Register of Injuries and Treatment


A register of injuries and first aid treatment will be kept at the canteen.


The Manager must record the following details:


     •           The names, age, address and team of the injured person;

     •           The date and time the injury occurred;

     •           A brief description of the type, cause and location of the injury and the treatment given;

     •           The name of the first-aid person in attendance;

     •           Any referral for further treatment if required.


This register may be combined with any other register, which must be kept according to other legislation.



4.5.        Contents of first aid kits






Adhesive plastic dressing strips


Adhesive tape 2.5 X 5


Plastic bag large


Plastic bag medium


Plastic bag small


Dressing non adherent 7.5 X 7.5


Eye pad


Gauze bandages 5 cm


Gauze bandages 10 cm


Gloves disposable

2 pr

Rescue Blanket foil


Safety pins


Scissors sharp/blunt


Splinter forceps


Sterile eyewash 10 mil ampoules


Swabs antiseptic


Wound dressing large


First aid guide


Gauze swabs single use 75 x 75cm PKT of 3


Ice pack disposable




4.6          Accident and Injury Procedure

4.6.1         Minor Injury


In case of minor injury, the following procedure shall be followed:


     (a)        Treat the injury at the diamond;


     (b)        Report the injury to the Canteen Co-Ordinator.


4.6.2         Possible serious Injury


If a person has sustained possible serious injury, the following action shall be taken:


     (a)       In case of a serous injury, the person should not be moved other than to make comfortable, to prevent further immediate injury and choking.


     (b)       If it appears that an ambulance is needed, the Coach or Manager will take control of the situation.


     (c)       Those required will remain with a Coach to assist as directed.  All other personnel shall vacate the area as directed by the Coach or Manager.


(d)       The Coach or Manager will direct a responsible person to go to the closest ground entrance to lead the ambulance to the exact location of the accident.


5.            Records.


            Form 10                      First Aid Treatment Register

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