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1.            Purpose

To ensure electrical equipment used within the club is periodically checked to ensure it complies with the WorkCover / Local Government codes and Standards.


2.            Scope

This procedure applies to all electrical equipment used on MSBC.

2.1.        Responsibilities

2.1.1.    The Canteen Co-Ordinator is responsible for arranging the checking electrical equipment within the canteen.

2.1.2.    The President is responsible for specifying the checking of all other electrical equipment.


3.            Procedure

Inspection of electrical equipment


The President shall ensure that all electrical equipment is inspected tested and tagged by a licensed electrician at the prescribed intervals as specified.

This shall generally be as follows:



August & December

  • All flexible extension cords, portable equipment.

  • Earth Leakage devices are trip tested by a competent person.



  • All electrical appliances in the canteen / storeroom.

  • Office equipment is tested, tagged.


4.            Records of electrical inspections


The Canteen Co-Ordinator shall ensure that details of inspection are recorded in the “Electrical Equipment Inspection Register or in a similar register maintained by the club.


The record of entry shall show as a minimum the following information:


  • The date of inspection

  • The description of the item.

  • The name of the person doing the tests.

  • the results of tests and inspections and details of any repair work required / carried out

  • The license number and signature of the electrician (if applicable)


The Canteen Co-Ordinator shall ensure that the register is available for inspection by any person requesting review.

The Canteen Co-Ordinator shall ensure that only electrical equipment that displays the current inspection date is used.


Where anyone discovers equipment which does not comply with the requirements of this procedure, e.g. equipment which has failed to be inspected or is overdue for inspection or is in some way defective, the Canteen Co-Ordinator shall, where appropriate, notify the President by phone.

5.            Records

Form 9 Electrical Equipment Inspection Register 

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