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1.         Purpose


To ensure that supplier’s invoices are processed in a timely manner.


2.         Scope


This procedure applies to all creditors invoices.


3.         Responsibilities


The purchasing officer (the person authorised by the committee to purchase items on behalf of the club) shall ensure that all supplier’s invoices are assessed promptly and passed to the Treasurer for processing.


4.         Procedure


Supplier’s invoices will generally be received by mail.  Suppliers are not to hand deliver invoices to the canteen.


The mail will be opened by the Secretary and date-stamped.  The invoices will be passed to the Treasurer for verification by the Purchasing officer.


  1. These invoices will be assessed by the President, and matched to purchase orders and delivery dockets.


If the invoice is correct and accepted for payment, the President shall return it to the Treasurer.


The Treasurer will receive the invoices after assessment.

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