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1.         Purpose


To formalise the process of requesting a cheque payment for goods or services. 


2.         Scope


This procedure applies to cheques payments for club or office related expenses.


3.         Responsibilities


The Treasurer shall have overall supervision of the cheque requisition process.


4.         Procedure


4.1       Cheque Requisition Form


The person requiring the cheque shall enter the details on the ‘Cheque Requisition’ form contained in the Operations Manual.


Enter the following details:-


  • Payee name and address,

  • Invoice number and date,

  • Details of goods or service,

  • Amount,

  • Cheque issue instructions,

  • Prepared By (your name),

  • Authorising Officers name & signature



Note any special requirements , e.g. where to send the cheque and have the form authorised by an appropriate person (i.e. President etc.)


Present the form to the Treasurer for processing.



4.2       Cheque Drawing


The Treasurer shall draw the cheque and sign.  Once signed, distribute the cheque according to the instructions on the requisition form.   If the cheque is required urgently, the requestor may take it to the signatory and distribute it.

The Cheque Requisition form shall be filed (with the invoice, if possible).

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