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1.            Purpose

To set the procedures for the profitable running of the canteen.

2.            Scope

To detail the purchasing, selling and recording of the goods within the canteen.


3.            Definitions


Purchase: the obtaining of foods and drinks including lollies/sweets, ice creams etc.

Sales: the selling over the counter or off the BBQ of purchased items. This includes the setting of sale prices.


4.         Responsibilities

To the Committee


5.         Procedure

            5.1       Purchases


            All purchases will be made for and on behalf of the club for the purpose of reselling the goods within the canteen.

            The canteen co-ordinator will were practicable investigate the costs of the goods with the view of purchasing the goods at the cheapest prices. All purchases must be accounted for when completing the weekly reconciliation.


5.2       Sales


All items purchased will be offered for sale at the discretion of the Canteen Co-Ordinator. The price of the items must reflect a small profit and current market value.


            5.3       Weekly Reconciliation


At the completion of the weekend the Canteen Co-Ordinator will complete reconciliation and forward it to the Treasurer.



5.4       Persons in the canteen


Only the persons on roster, the committee and the canteen Co-Ordinator are to be permitted within the canteen. NOONE under the age of 14 will be permitted in the canteen under any circumstances.


6.            Records


Form 5            Weekly Reconciliation

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