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1.         Purpose


This procedure details the management of all club assets, including equipment, canteen fittings, equipment and the like.


2.         Scope


This procedure details the registration of all assets as they are purchased and the tracking of equipment as it is moved between teams and the accounting aspects of asset depreciation.


3.         Responsibilities


The Equipment Co-Ordinator/s or other purchaser will:


Indicate on the invoice that a purchase is an ‘asset’ i.e., equipment and highlight or note the descriptive details which are to be recorded onto the asset register by the Treasurer.


The Treasurer will:


Enter the appropriate details onto the asset register at the same time as entering the purchase invoice for payment.


The Team Manager will:


Ensure from time to time that the team assets are correctly recorded.

Ensure that transfers from team to team, etc., are recorded on the asset transfer form.


The Team Coach will:


Authorise the removal of lost or stolen assets from the register, by signing the Asset Transfer/Disposal form.


The Canteen Co-Ordinator will:


Ensure that the canteen assets are correctly recorded.


All Key Holders:


All persons receiving key/s from the club will sign the key register on receiving the key/s. They will also remain responsible for the key and access to the areas concerned untill they return the key/s and sign the register stating they have returned the key/s.


4.         Procedure

4.1       Registering New Asset Purchases


The person approving the invoice for a new asset purchase shall indicate on the invoice that it is to be registered as an asset. 


Indicate by circling ‘equipment’ or by writing a note.  If the invoice is for a number of different items, clearly indicate which ones are equipment.

Note and/or highlight any description and pertinent details, model number, serial number, etc.  Add some written notes if the invoice description is inadequate.

Make sure that the Treasurer will understand what the item is.


The Treasurer will note from the invoice that the item(s) is/are equipment and register the asset immediately after entering the creditors invoice.


Note that the depreciation basis and percentage will appear on-screen, based on the default setup for this Class/Category of asset.

4.2       Recording Asset Transfers / Disposals


When equipment is transferred to/from a team, the Team Coach shall ensure that a completed Asset Transfer/Disposal form is sent to the Equipment Co-Ordinator for all assets which are transferred.  It is the Coach’s responsibility to complete the form, and the Managers responsibility to check that this has been done.


The Team Coach shall complete an Asset Transfer / Disposal form for any assets which are lost, stolen, traded-in, destroyed or otherwise scrapped.  He/she shall provide reasonable details eg. approximately when the asset was lost etc.


If the form is not completed, the asset will still be registered as located with the original team and this team will be held responsible for the whereabouts of the asset.


The Treasurer will write off these assets and enter them on the register as ‘disposed’.


4.3       Depreciation


The Treasurer shall ensure that each month the depreciation posting is carried out from the ‘Asset Management’ system to the General Ledger.


5          Records


Form 3.1           Asset Transfer/Disposal

Form 3.2           Key Register

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