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1      Purpose


To ensure that all accidents and incidents are reported, where required.


2      Scope


This procedure applies to all accidents and incidents occurring on our home diamonds whether involving MSBC members and visitors.


3      Responsibilities


The Team Manager shall ensure that the First Aid Register book which is held in the canteen is completed.


The Team Coach shall arrange first aid immediately and ensure any follow-up action is completed.


The Canteen Co-Ordinator will notify the President (by phone if not present at the ground). The President shall carry out further investigations (if required) and send information to the Secretary.


The Secretary will notify the Junior Competition Committee (JCC) if required.


4      Procedure


4.1      Minor Injury


The designated Coach shall render first aid to the injured person. Following treatment the Manager will enter the injured person’s particulars into the “Register of Injury and Treatment Book”.


4.2      Serious Accident or Major Occurrence


The designated Coach shall render first aid and arrange an Ambulance for the injured person/s. The Manager will arrange for other emergency services as required (e.g. Fire, Police). The Manager will cordon off the area to prevent further injury. The Coach is to notify the President as soon as possible. The Manager will enter the incident/accident into the “Register of Injury and Treatment Book”


An investigation is to be carried out by the Coach and President.


Remember the quicker an investigation is undertaken the more accurate the reports will be.


The President shall satisfy himself/herself that the investigation has been completed and forward the information to the League.


Following a Fatality a debriefing/trauma counselling session may be required. The President will arrange this counselling if requested by the Team Coach and manager.


The Club Secretary shall retain copies of all relevant reports for a period of not less then seven years.


5      Records


        Form 1    Accident Investigation report

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