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Manly Seasiders Baseball Club Inc.

The Game

The youngest age group in the competition is the Under 8’s who play non-competitive Tee Ball and use a slightly softer ball. Tee Ball is much the same as baseball except the pitcher doesn’t pitch the ball – the batter hits the ball off an adjustable tee. The first year of pitching is the under 11’s by which age the children can usually manage to throw the ball somewhere close to target. In under 10’s children are playing with a pitching machine (Zooka) this machine pitches the ball around 60% speed with good accuracy which helps the children prepare for live baseball in under 11’s. At Manly Seasiders we follow the Manly Warringah Junior Competition Committee policy of forming teams of new and experienced players and mixed skill levels across the teams we enter in each division. This way the newer players watch and learn from their team-mates and the competition is well balanced for all to enjoy. We also prioritise friends playing together in the correct divisions.