2021/22 AGM & Presentation Day

SATURDAY, 26 MARCH at 3pm at our home field

Our Annual Presentation Day is held in conjunction with the club’s Annual General Meeting. It is important for ALL players to attend the Presentation Day as it recognises the efforts of not only the players, but our coaches, managers and everyone else who contributes to running teams and the Club.

Trophies are presented to all players as recognition for taking part in the sport as well as special recognition awards. This is a great chance for the kids to cheer each other on, to cheer for their coaches, and appreciate the great energy within our Club.

4-5pm: Games, Family Picnic & Chubbs Brisket Rolls

Following the Presentation and AGM, the diamonds will be set up for games and we'll have delicious Brisket rolls from the fabulous team Chubbs, or bring along your own picnic. Please bring your snacks, picnic blankets, and chairs, and enjoy the afternoon.


GAMES - In case the kids want to start practicing!


Fastest pitch - We’ll have the radar gun and bullseye ready. Step up and see who can send the fastest pitch.


Baseball - there's never enough!