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Manly Seasiders Baseball Club Inc.


To play the game, every player must have a mitt (glove), cleats (boots) and protector (boys only). Please try and get a leather mitt – they’re much easier to catch with and last a lot longer. Soccer boots are fine for younger players. Metal studs are only allowed for the U1 division.  The club issues a playing shirt which is on loan and must be returned promptly at the end of the season. Playing pants must be purchased. Please look after it as uniforms are a major expense for the club. All new players to the club are given a team cap to keep. Club caps, and undershirts are available at the canteen.
Before rushing out and buying new equipment, discuss the matter with your child’s coach. Mitts that are too small or too large make the game frustrating for young players. Inappropriate bat length and weight can also make the game more difficult and in regard to bats, each division has a designated size requirement in accordance with the rules.