Club Positions - Registrar




Responsible to

The general committee.




  • Collect all registration paperwork.


  • Arrange in conjunction with the Treasurer to bank all registration fees.


  • Provide the Treasurer a list of players and payment received. The list is to contain players name, email address, team, amount collected.


  • Shall produce a spreadsheet listing all registrations for the committee.


  • Shall enter all registered players into “MY CLUB” database.


  • Shall assist with the placing of players into teams.


  • Shall monitor the team in ensure all players have registered prior to starting training or playing.


  • Shall liaise with the President to ensure all players are placed into a team.


  • Shall assume the role of player placement after the team placement meeting.


  • Produce a list of players that have not re-registered for the committee to follow up on.


  • Shall provide a Team List to the President for issue at the Coaches Meeting of Player in each team the list will contain:


  1. Player Surname

  2. Player First name

  3. Home Phone Number

  4. Mobile Number

  5. Address, Suburb, Post Code

  6. Mother & Fathers Name

  7. Email Address