Volunteer Position - Gear Steward


Gear Steward (Equipment)

Gear Steward (Uniforms)


Responsible to

The general committee.






  • Prior to the start of the season carry out a stock-test on the equipment and produce a list of equipment that is required. This list is to be sent to the President for purchase.


  • Ensure that kits are stocked with the equipment required for the particular Division.


  • Arrange for the coaches to pick up the kits once coach selection has been completed.


  • Ensure that each team has 12 game balls and 24 practise balls in each kit. Additional balls can be handed out if required.


  • At the end of the season collect all kit bags.


  • At the end of the season carryout a stock-test on the equipment and register any items that need replacement on Form 3.1




  • Contact all team managers during March to outline an appropriate procedure of uniform collection. N.B. Emphasize the Team Managers are responsible for the collection of uniforms.


  • Arrange delivery or pickup of team uniforms.


  • Check all uniforms for cleanliness, and lauder prior to storage.


  • Complete a stocktake of all sizes, after damaged or unusable uniforms are returned.


  • Store uniforms neatly in boxes according to type and size, correctly labelled.


  • Attend Registrations and fit players (with a receipt of full payment) for their uniforms.


  • New registered player receive a hat free of charge.


  • Once players fee have been accepted a uniform can be issued.


  • Have an adequate quantity of hats to give every new player.


  • Arrange the supply of any new uniforms that are required.


  • Arrange a uniform day to catch-up the players that did not attend registration day.


  • Record names of players as they take a uniform.


  • At the end of the season arrange with the Managers to collect all uniforms and ensure they are clean and packed away in away that maintain the uniforms condition.


  • Inform the committee of any player/team that does not return their uniform.