Club Positions - Vice President Opens


Deputy President Open


Responsible to

The Committee and general members.



  • Assist in the placement of junior players into senior teams as required.


  • Carry out general committee work.


  • Carry out requests of the President.


  • Shall advise the Secretary on the numbers and names medals/trophies at the end of the season in accordance with the decisions of the committee. Enlist any assistance and support for this duty as required.


  • Coordinate the Open teams in the operations of the team management.


  • Help Team Managers with training of scorers, umpires.


  • Organise training sessions for both scorers and umpires and any other groups that may be necessary.


  • Look after equipment requests.


  • Report to the committee on the open team’s progression.


  • Try to recruit open players as coaches/advisers to the junior teams.