Volunteer Positions - Canteen Co-ordinator


Canteen Co-Ordinator


Responsible to

The President and Treasurer.  This Position will be selected by the Executive Committee, following a review of written applications.




  • Arrange for the canteen to be stock-tested at the start of the season.


  • Arrange for any maintenance to be carried out prior to the season.


  • Ensure the canteen is clean and ready for the season.


  • Produce a proposed menu and forward it to the committee for approval.


  • Ensure there is adequate food, lollies, drinks, ice creams, etc. for game and special event days.


  • Ensure the BBQ is set up and preheated prior to any event were the hot foods are required.


  • Ensure the cheapest prices are sourced prior to any purchase.


  • Ensure and arrange for adequate LPG bottles are available to run the BBQ.


  • Complete a weekly reconciliation form and forward to the Treasurer.


  • Allow access of power for the “coffee person” if in attendance.


  • Ensure no-one under the age of 14 is allowed within the canteen when operating.


  • Forward all monies to the Treasurer. A $100 float is to be maintained to allow the purchase of food, etc.


  • Ensure that sponsors banners are placed at the start of every Saturday and packed away at the conclusion of the days play.