Club Positions - President




Responsible to

The Committee and general members.




  • Is responsible for the running of the Club and its day to day operation.


  • Has the right to attend all meetings.


  • Shall chair the monthly Committee Meeting.


  • Ensure the registrations days are held in time for the start of the season.


  • Ensure that an orientation day is held.


  • Confirm the team placements.


  • Confirm the Coaches’ appointments.


  • Ensure all committee members carry out their role.


  • Chair and conduct the Annual General meeting and election of Office Bearers, in accordance with the rules of debate and the constitution.


  • Arrange working bees as and when required in conjunction with the groundsmen.


  • Liaise through the JCC delegate with the JCC.


  • Liaise with local council as and when required.


  • Ensure the constitution is followed.


  • Ensure all protests / complaints are followed through.


  • Prepare reports for sponsors and newsletters.


  • Arrange request letters for sponsorship.