Club Positions - Secretary




Responsible to

The President and general members.




  • Attend to the general administration of the club and stay abreast with happenings;


  • Liaise with Committee when necessary;


  • Receive all incoming correspondence and distribute to relevant or all Committee members;


  • Will be the only person within the club to issue correspondence, with the exception of the Treasurer who may send invoices and payments as needed.


  • President is involved in most club issues so it is normal that they are included the majority of times;


  • Respond to correspondence where necessary;


  • Be aware of information in the club constitution;


  • Collect postal mail weekly during registration time and during the playing season, fortnightly at other times unless anticipating particular mail;


  • Attend monthly committee meetings, record minutes, prepare minutes and distribute to Committee members and Life Members within 7 days if possible. Once accepted forward to the Web Administrator for publication;


  • Prepare agenda for all committee meetings and send to Committee members at least 7 days preceding meeting if possible;


  • Provide as soon as possible all information relevant to our members to the Web Administrator for publication e.g. upcoming dates (club and league based), general information etc.


  • Assistance with lead up to registration and throughout where required;


  • During playing season provide any dates and relevant information to Newsletter Publisher for inclusion;